Infinite Playgrounds strives to make sure that every page within this site complies with the World Wide Web Consortium’s Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG), as part of its Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI). This site has been built to achieve Priority Level 1 checkpoints.

How this benefits disabled visitors

Compliancy to these guidelines helps make access easier for disabled customers. To highlight this, we’ve listed representative disabilities below and explained how this site meets the users’ needs.

Visual (Impaired)

All text on pages is scaled, including all menu items, which means those with visual impairments (e.g. myopiacan adjust the size of the site to suit their needs). Where images are used to convey information, text-based alternative descriptions are provided.


All content on our site can be accessed by those who are either deaf or hard of hearing. Any audio clips would also include a text version. Any movie clips or video steaming would also be provided with subtitles.


A voice-controlled browser can safely access and navigate this website.


A uniform layout and easy-to-navigate structure helps those with cognitive disabilities use the website.


We do not use any animated images or flashing text which could cause problems or difficulty for those suffering from neurological disorders or illnesses.

Here at Infinite Playgrounds, we’re committed to providing an accessible experience and will take any feedback that helps improve our website’s usability.