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Bespoke playground canopies with a seasonal theme

Hilton Primary Academy is a large school in the west end of Newcastle-upon-Tyne with 449 children aged 3-11. The school approached us to help maximise the use of their outdoor space by designing and installing three canopies extending from their classrooms and a fourth canopy at the main entrance of the building.

Following our site visit and consultation we designed each canopy to have side panels and integrated benches, creating an enclosed outdoor classroom space and protecting the children from strong winds coming from the field beyond - a problem that had previously made this outdoor space unusable during windy spells.

The finished product

A similar project
to this would
cost £50,000

Already captivated by our colourful canopy patterns, the school couldn’t resist commissioning our canopy artists to create bespoke designs corresponding to the school’s logo; a colourful rainbow.

Each canopy had a colour theme to relate to different colours within the rainbow. One canopy featured a blue theme with water style patterns, fish and seaweed; the next was spring themed with green grassy patterns with subtle pink and yellow flowers; an autumnal canopy featured quirky flowers in browns, yellows and oranges and finally, a vibrant summer canopy with bright red poppies, green leaves and yellow flowers was also installed. Each canopy also had side panels with corresponding patterns and colour themes to create clearly defined areas and teaching spaces.

Infinite Playgrounds offered a bespoke, personalised service for us during the planning and implementation stage of our canopies. The team were professional and helpful and ensured that the work was completed to an exceptionally high standard.

– Craig Heeley, Vice Principal & Specialist Leader of Education, Hilton Primary Academy

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